Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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7 Cute Anti-Valentine Gifts

Even though this post might be a little off-topic for BooksforWhat, we've decided we shouldn't leave out Valentine's Day haters and showcase some items that might make their day. It should be noted that none of them have any connection to books, reviews, or other literary touches. Also, some of the most common units we've come across are T-shirts, mainly because the merchandise destined for this type of public doesn't seem to be as popular as the one destined for Valentine's Day aficionados. We'll end with a quote from an anonymous user who published an article on Thought Catalog. And by the way, did you know there are thousands of couples out there who don't celebrate Valentine's Day?
This is getting exhausting. Are you one of my friends? And suddenly, I’d see you’ve been here the entire time, surely not. You can’t be. Could you have fallen in love with someone else? I’m tired of looking for you, my love. If we’re playing hide-and-seek, I’m ready to surrender the game. You can win this time.
Where are you? For now, darling, I give up. And while I wait, maybe I’ll find me instead.
1. NO

2. Anti-Valentine's candy heart drink stirrers

3. Meh

4. Zero Fox given mug

5. People call me John but... 

6. Oh! For fox sake mug

7. Do not touch me, Cupid! 
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