Monday, February 1, 2016

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8 Cute Bookish Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a pain for many of us, who can't seem to think of a proper gift for the special person in their lives. We've decided to take the hassle out of researching the right product to give to a bookworm, as we've come across some merchandise that's perfect for the classic book lover. It might be worth noting that some of the best websites to discover high-quality handmade gifts are some of the following:
- Etsy - the home of handmade goods; the website is a must-see if you haven't checked it out by now because it's filled with bookish gifts and a lot more
- Amazon Handmade - a rather newly opened section that allows people who'd like to sell their hand-crafted items do their thing; you'll find anything from stationary to jewelry
- RedBubble - high-quality artwork such as prints, stationary, and T-shirts
- Zazzle - customize your items with the help of Zazzle; upload your own image or select one from the pictures available on the website

If you're no fan of doing your research on your own, check out the bookish gifts we thought your partner would enjoy this year.

7. I love you like a hobbit loves second breakfast

8. Little Red Riding Hood necklace

*Click on the images to see where you can get these items.
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