Friday, August 12, 2016

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We're looking for guest writers!

Books for What is a website dedicated to books, new releases, and everything related to the literary field. If you are a beginning content writer who wants to build his or her portfolio, perhaps you'd enjoy writing and publishing an article on our platform. We have about one thousand unique visitors per month, and we expect that number to grow gradually as we publish more posts on a weekly basis. The website is promoted using channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords.

If you can write something funny or smart about any book-related topic, we're interested in hearing from you. We can offer you a backlink to the website of your choice as well as full credits at the end of the article. It should be noted that we will now be accepting posts within the 300 to 800-word range. Applications should be sent via email and in a format that is universally accepted and compatible with all operating systems (rtf, doc, docx, txt).

Should you have the time and availability, we ask you to find pictures for your article as you alone know better than anyone else what it is about. All images should be in the public domain. We recommend utilizing websites such as Picjumbo or Pixabay as they are immense collections consisting of thousands of royalty-free images. What's more, the source of the picture you've used should be noted somewhere in the article or at least mentioned in the email application.

Having trouble figuring out what you can write about? We can give you some pointers. We love posts written in the style of the ones published by BuzzFeed, mainly picture-rich and clever. Whether you intend to write about several tips and tricks that can help one stick to a reading challenge or perhaps you've read a book that you can't seem to get out of your head - anything works. Unfortunately, we are unable to compensate guest bloggers at this time. Nonetheless, the work will be entirely credited to you, the author, and as previously mentioned, we will offer you a do-follow backlink to the website you're the owner of, the agency you work for, or your personal blog.

If everything sounds good, don't hesitate to drop us a note or send your article to booksforwhat at gmail dot com.

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