Thursday, February 22, 2018

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5 amazing bookshelves you need to check out today

Neat-looking bookshelves you'll love (as a reader)

I regularly go online and look for all sorts of presents for book nerds, but not because I have so many friends who love to read. In fact, I mostly look for things for myself :D (giggle).

I make some mean wishlists for my birthday, and most of them are book-related. While I haven't read physical copies in about a year (because I have a beautiful and convenient Kindle Voyage that I use every evening before I go to bed), I do own hundreds of books and I'm not even exaggerating. There's a wall in my living room covered in books from top to bottom. So it's only natural for me to look for bookshelves once in a while.

For today, I came up with a list of five of the bookshelves that I believe look cool and might make a great addition to any booknerd's room/library. Although I have to ask -- who has the space for a library or study nowadays?

KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook

Okay, so I picked this one for obvious reasons. You can either use it as a typical bookshelf, or rest in the space specifically designed as a reading nook. This product looks good and is made from composite wooden materials. On top of that, because of its color, it probably goes well with the rest of your interior design.

Something might not necessarily appreciate is the part where the three cushions are supposed to keep you comfortable. I'm not sold on the idea that they really are that good at providing the support and comfort that a reader might need when getting lost in a book.

Mainstays Home Espresso

If your living room is designed in a modern manner, perhaps you should consider this product. I believe it might integrate into any environment, provided that it's not overly traditional. The shelf was uniquely crafted so as to maximize the storage in the owners' rooms, which means that you'll be able to place anything you want on its shelves.

There's no doubt that the model is space-conscious, but it might not make a super-good alternative for people who have heaps and heaps of books. I know for sure that this eight-shelf bookcase wouldn't make a great fit for the hundreds of books I have in the next room.

SuperJare Tree Bookshelf

I've always been a great nature lover, and while I have less and less time nowadays for me to spend several hours outdoors, I am a great supporter of activities like planting trees or donating money to organizations which care for the environment. So that's why I like my decor to be as similar to nature as possible. One thing I've noticed about some book lovers is that they create Christmas trees out of books instead of getting a natural one - KUDOS for that, people!

Well, this product resembles a tree, but it's pretty schematic so it won't particularly stand out from the crowd in your living room or study. Apparently, the nine components are well-installed, and the unit comes with a support bucket, as well as many as five bottom suckers. So it's quite stable, and eye-catching, too.

Casual Home 176-51

This ladder-shaped bookcase is another alternative you ought to give some thought to, especially if you like rustic interior designs. The unit makes a great choice for those who collect books and other things, too, and who want to put them on display for everyone to see. The 6-ft height makes the unit roomy enough for plenty of objects, and the cozy design enables it to fit the looks and furniture you might have in any room.

Having been made from solid wood, this bookshelf is definitely capable of withstanding the test of time. If you get bored of it, you can just sell it or give it to another book aficionado such as yourself. Since many owners say that it's actually better than what they had expected it to be, maybe this product is worth considering.

D-line Wood and Plastic

Okay, so this one is among the cheapest, yet most convenient bookcases I came across, and that's because it both looks nice and it doesn't cost a fortune. I've noticed that most wooden bookshelves can cost a pretty penny, so this plastic one is definitely affordable by comparison. It seems that the model can be assembled in as little as two to three minutes without any tools whatsoever. The components just snap together.

 What's more, the major advantage of using a plastic bookcase instead of a wood one is that it won't ever be affected by a humid environment. I'd say that this bookshelf works best when placed in the kitchen -- cooks might find it useful to store their favorite recipe books in it. One thing I do have to mention about this model is that there have been complaints from people saying that it can't hold an entire hardcover series (like Harry Potter), and that's because it's too heavy for the somewhat tin plastic shelves.

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