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What are the best reading lamps out there?

Best reading desk lamp

We’ve talked about some of the best reading night lights, now it’s time to focus on the best reading desk lamp. For those who work on their desks and like to do most of the reading and related tasks on it, sometimes, there is not enough light in the room to work, especially if it is located in an area where there is low sunlight or the room has very dim LED lights, which does give the room an elegant, classic look but can prove to be frustrating when it comes to reading and doing work that requires a good reading light.

Buying guide

To help you walk through the process of selecting the best reading lamp, we will be discussing a few features of a desk lamp to help you decide which one is most suitable to your needs.

Light color, brightness, and temperature

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a reading lamp is the light brightness, its color, and the temperature.

Some people prefer a bright white light while reading and some prefer a warm yellow while there are also some who love reading in the natural daylight! It is true that some lamps use a halogen light bulb making it an uncomfortable experience by emitting too much heat. You definitely want to consider the type of light you purchase and the power it uses.

A desk lamp with LED light will be a notch expensive than the halogen or incandescent bulb but will save on your electricity bill and maintain a cool temperature.

Design and style

It is a good idea to purchase a lamp that compliments the d├ęcor of the room you want to place it in. matching the desk lamp with the furniture and taking care that it does not look outdated or the odd one out.

There are a plethora of desk lamps available from bright neon colors to neutral shades. Therefore depending on your taste, would you go for a traditional lamp or a sleek and modern one?

Flexibility and portability

A desk lamp that has a flexible neck is a refreshing change from the age-old desk lamp which is limited to movement and changing the direction of light. Sometimes, with work such as craft, designing, painting or reading a fine text, requires brighter and closer light.

How wonderful would it be if you could have a desk lamp that can be shifted to angle light at the desired spot! A sleek and modern desk lamp is also easier to move around to another room or desk with its simple design and lightweight as opposed to a traditional one which is bulky and heavy.


Keeping in mind the power usage a lamp will consume is also an important factor to consider. For example, a desk lamp with a halogen or incandescent bulb will consume more power as compared to an LED bulb.

Here are a few shortlisted reading lamp reviews for you to consider:

V-Light VS80907B

This 27-watt full spectrum light provides with a natural daylight effect without a glare and eye-strain. With a cool and modern look, this reading desk lamp is accompanied with a flexible gooseneck to adjust the direction of light. It has a glossy finish with a unique design.

The great feature of this lamp is that it provides with a bright and natural daylight making it an enjoyable experience to read by improving the color and contrast.

The on/off switch is located on the arm of the lamp which is quite convenient. This lamp is great for students who especially have some late night studying to do, as a traditional lamp may cause glare and eye-strain, this lamp will give the daylight effect and protect the eyes in the long run. This lamp uses a special natural spectrum bulb which is not easily available, so make sure the bulb is accompanied with the lamp at the time of purchase. This desk lamp is your daylight even when all lights go out!

Lavish Home Contemporary

Here’s an even sleeker desk lamp with energy efficient LED light. The innovative clamp design of this lamp makes it easy to use almost anywhere from your office, bedroom and the living room with a 73” power cord.

This sleek lamp gives a good breadth of light which is bright and sufficient. This lamp is made of aluminum and plastic with a flexible neck. Its neck is a good 41” giving you the option for a wider breadth or a closer focus.

One of the good features of this lamp is the simple design, without a wide base, it does not come in your way while working which is a plus point if you like your desk to be neat and open. It can be easily carried around to other desks and clamped on. The use of this lamp is simple. Without any complex adjustment options, there’s a simple on/off switch at the clamp base. This reading desk lamp is also a great idea for a gift to loved ones!

Seville Classics

This sleek desk lamp is modern, stylish, foldable, and saves a ton of space. This LED lamp provides with an ideal light to be used in the office, bedroom, living room, and study rooms. It comes in black color with touch-sensitive controls. This versatile lamp has 5 lighting modes and 5 brightness levels and a total 25 lighting options!

Another interesting feature of this desk lamp is that it has a flexible neck so you can position the light in any direction you require.

With 5 different color and brightness settings, this lamp is sure to provide you with an elegant light setting you wish to have, without having to buy different lights! Its neutral design and a piano black finish make it a lamp suitable for different furniture and beautifies any space without being loud. It is energy saving and consumes power depending on the setting of the lamp. For example, 6.5 to 7.5 watts on highest and 1.5 to 2.5 watts on lowest. Now that is something cool!

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