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Densters Large Set Building Toys - Review

I don't usually review products for children, both because they are not in the niche of this particular website and because I personally have used few of them over time. However, I did want to showcase this one because it seems pretty remarkable to me, despite being released rather recently.

The Densters Large Set is a short collection of toy monsters designed for children, as well as adults, and it comes with as many as eight versatile and whimsical characters. With their assistance, you can build the inside of a hide-away or that of a fort.


One of the coolest thing that I have found about these toys is that they can be used for a variety of purposes. You really do not have to be a kid to be able to enjoy them. In fact, I couldn't help noticing that they can be used both conveniently and effectively as anything ranging from blanket pegs to bookmarks, door stoppers, and even a bag hook.

One of them can even be utilized as a phone stand, which naturally comes in handy if you are looking to communicate with a person that you haven't seen in a while. Apps like Facetime and Skype can be used with ease if your smartphone is supported by one of these toys.


Attaching the Densters to your furniture is extremely simple because they are designed in such a way so as to minimize the effort on the part of the user. The fact that every little toy has its own name is a cute detail. For example, you can use the Grumpo as a door stopper, but the Cheekabo can be clamped onto chairs or shelves so as to hold your bag or anything else. The Snella is a perfect little surface sucker whereas the Hoopsta can be hooked around knobs, as well as curtains.


Since I'm always concerned with the safety of an item whenever I try to analyze its quality, it's worth noting here that these toys are made from BPA-free materials, so they pose no risk to kids in this respect.

Furthermore, their design does not include any risky parts that could be swallowed or on which children could cut themselves - there are no small parts or sharp edges. However, the manufacturing brand does recommend their use with kids older than 3, so you might want to consider that.

Educational purpose

Many studies have found that building forts and dens can be quite educational and the best thing about this type of activity is that it helps with the development of children's creative thinking. Naturally, your child will want to experiment with all sorts of materials to build as many structures as possible, so it might be a good idea to have several blankets ready after purchasing this set.


Although I personally haven't been able to find any info regarding the exact materials that these toys are made of, they have been deemed as durable and highly flexible, which is why they can be stretched and can put up with some serious abuse over time.

So there you have it. If you're in the market for a toy set that can stimulate your child's creativity and ingeniousness, the Densters Large Set might be a good choice.

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