Thursday, April 4, 2019

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Blitzball - The Book Lots of Influencers are Talking About

A lot of Influencers are posting about Blitzball by Barton Ludwig. In Blitzball, Addie, a teen cloned to be Hitler, battles his genetics and the Nazis who created him at a school where soccer is war.

Here are what some influencers are saying: 

Blitzball has been quite well received on social media as it's an enjoyable book but one that also takes a strong stand against racism. What I enjoyed most about this book was that it felt like something different. I love dystopian stories but this was not your typical dystopian. Although it deals with such a dark theme and for the most part, it is a drama, it was mixed with a lot of comedy as well. If I had to compare it to a book, it would probably be something like Horrorstory or My Best Friends Exorcism, two very popular books. I'm surprised that not more people know about this book.

I'm a big fan of dark comedy and shows like "Maniac" I really gravitate towards. Blitzball had a lot of the dark comedy you'd expect with such a theme but it did it in a tasteful way. However, this is a story set in high school so be prepared to encounter the type of Seth Rogan and Judd Apetow humor we've come to love and expect. However, for me no amount of laughs can justify a character I don't connect with. I thought I'd have a hard time connecting to Addie but I didn't because I felt like he was a victim too as he didn't ask to be cloned to be Hitler. It happened to him and then it was something he had to deal with. The reason I connected to him so well I think is because he wants to break free of the chains that his society has imposed on him and I think a lot of teens can relate to this as well.

One of the best things about this story for me was that it really fits with the current political situation in America right now and the rise in tensions among different ethnic groups. North Prep, the rival school of Addie's school, Reichfield, is filled with minorities, namely Mexicans. How appropriate for the political situation, right?

I feel with a lot of things, I'm an early adopter, meaning I often discover things first, like snapchat. I feel that this book is something that could really take off. For books of 2019, Blitzball has to be one of my favorites followed by The Dreamers. Blitzball is available on Amazon here: http:/

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