Thursday, May 30, 2019


Big Little Print - A Very Cool Online Store

Big Print Little Print are a small team operating out of their East London studio. Their online store has over 2500 different designs printed onto various novel pages and vintage dictionaries. They add to their collection almost every month with truly beautiful designs.

The most unique part about big print little print would have to be their vintage dictionary page art. Combining unique design with real pages taken from vintage dictionaries, these prints can make for a truly inventive gift. At the same time, it is easy to imagine such a piece hanging in your own space. There is something intensely engaging about the vulnerability of the figure presented in this piece, combined with a message that many consider to be inspirational to their own notions of self-care. When you set these concepts against a vintage dictionary page, the end result is something that can stun and fascinate in equal measures.

Their latest range as of writing this is the Hipster Animals where they have beautifully stitched animals and humans together to create a truly wonderful unique piece of art. It doesn’t do it justice to try and describe the final outcome with words and is something you have to go and look at for yourself. Some of their more notable collections are the Harry Potter book page prints, Alice in Wonderland and their Pawtrait dictionary page prints. These adorable cartoon animals that are ideal for any children’s nursery walls.

Whether you purchase this incredible vintage dictionary art or encyclopedia print for yourself, or as a gift, you are nonetheless celebrating the diversity of creation, and the notion that we all deserve the ability and opportunity to take care of ourselves.

The pages are all plucked at random from these beautiful upcycled books. This makes each piece truly unique to you as no two pages are alike. Fear not, if you get a dictionary page that you’re unhappy with they offer a free page replacement. If that doesn’t sweeten the deal enough the offer free shipping on all orders worldwide, 30 days free returns and a 2 day dispatch.
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