Sunday, December 22, 2019

Reading Plans for 2020

I haven't had the best year of my life, to be honest. Actually, it's been quite a disaster. For me, 2019 represented the end of two very important things, which I have to say I was counting on to remain sane.

It's taken me a lot of time to get back on track, and I'm still recovering. I still have a lot of recovering to do, but I've accepted that I now have to take it easy. I'm not even looking for a job right now, and to be honest, I'll probably still take my time for another half a year or more.

I read around 28 books in 2019, which is disappointing considering that I have almost never read under 50 books in a year. In fact, back in 2013 or 2014, I read more than 80 books.

For 2020, I'm planning on reading 100 books, but if I can read more, that'd be even better. The reason I'm writing this here is because in a way I'm making myself accountable for it. I'll read some in Romanian, for which I am not going to write reviews here, but I will also read many in English, so for those I will write reviews.

As you might have told, this blog thing has been a disaster, and I don't have amazing expectations from it. I'll just review the books and not really expect people to read them. I will do it regularly, though, since I expect to read a book every 3 to 5 days or so.

I'm going to Istanbul next year, in February, around my birthday, which is one of the most exciting things I'll probably get to do in 2020. For 2019, a trip to Bulgaria was an experience I'm not going to forget too soon. In any case, traveling will give me the opportunity to read, since there'll be planes and trains to take, and what better else to do when you are in transit other than read? :)

If anyone is still checking out this blog, I hope 2020 works out well in every way for you and I hope that you've had a better 2019 than I did.

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