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Thursday, June 8, 2017

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7 Books Stephen King Recommends

7 of Stephen King's Favorite Books

One Good Turn

Retired millionaire Jackson Brodie comes back in this book by Kate Atkinson, the events in the book are set two years after “Case Histories.” Brodie followed his girlfriend and former client to Edinburgh for the summer arts festival, where he witnesses a brutal attack in bumper to bumper traffic! Jackson is once again thrown into several mysteries that come together to one sinister scheme.

While this novel by Margaret Atwood is a love story, it is a sobering vision of what the future could hold. Snowman, or Jimmy before a horrendous plague overwhelms humankind, struggles to survive in a world where he could be the very last person alive. What will happen to Snowman, and all of humanity? Stephen King recommends you read this novel to find out!

The Yiddish Policemen’s Union

Michael Chabon gives us a great mystery, a love story, exploration of the mysteries of exile, and a call back to 1940s noir in this great book! It is about the Federal District of Sitka and the Jews that have created their own little proud haven. The story follows homicide detective Meyer Landsman. A murder is committed in the same shabby hotel Landsman is staying in, and a life of being a detective means that he has to get to the bottom of this murder, with it happening right under his nose.

In this Pulitzer Prize-winning book written by Junot Diaz, we follow the story of Oscar. He dreams of being the Dominican J.R.R. Tolkien, and most of all, to find love. But, the overweight and ghetto-nerd Oscar may never get what he desires because of the fukú, a curse that has been in his family for generations. Will Oscar write that book he dreams of? Will he find the love of his life? Mr. King says to read this book and find out!

American Gods

In this story from Neil Gaiman, we follow Shadow, a man with a past. He no longer wants anything more than to live out a quiet life with his wife. But, when Shadow finds out his wife is killed in a horrible accident, he flies home for the funeral and meets “Mr. Wednesday” on the plane. He knows more about Shadow than he possibly should. Shadow’s life is never the same after meeting Mr. Wednesday and is warned about the storm that is coming.

2666: A Novel 

 This book from Roberto Bolaño tracks a New York reporter, a widowed philosopher, and a police officer in love with an older woman, who are all in Santa Teresa searching for hundreds of women who have disappeared over the course of a decade. This novel has received huge praise from critics. Washington Post says that Bolaño joins the immortals with his writing in this book. It is an absolute must!

After looking at these books, and knowing that Stephen King recommends these books, I know what I’ll be reading for a while!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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5 Books For Kids Who Don't Like Reading

5 books for kids who don’t like reading

Reading is not merely an entertaining pastime, but also a great way for children to improve on various language skills. Aside from some kind of lesson and morale, which most children’s books have, reading them also enhances their ability to read, expands their vocabulary, kindles their love for literature and in some cases even gives them a feel for style and structure - the tools they need to craft their own stories one day. Of course, not every child loves reading. Here are some great books that might spark their interest, though:

If your child isn’t easily scared and loves stories with a creepy vibe, then Coraline by Neil Gaiman might be the right choice to get them into reading. The story revolves around young Coraline, who falls through a portal to another world, in which darker versions of her parents try to keep her. It’s one of those books that are not only suitable for children, but for their parents as well. If you enjoyed it, there is also a 2009 movie adaptation that generally received favorable reviews.

This one is ideally suited for younger kids. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle follows the life of a newly hatched caterpillar, that is, as the title suggests, constantly looking for food, until it turns into a beautiful butterfly. The many lovely illustrations and short reading part make it great for kids who don’t like to read long passages. Even I read this one as a kid, and it should be in every kindergarten’s bookshelf.

This is one of the all-time classics. A book that is so obviously a must-read that you might just miss it, hidden in plain sight. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren is one of the gems even our parents used to love, back when they were children. It follows the adventures of an unconventional young girl, who lives her crazy life exactly as she likes it. Until the present day, it has lost no part of its charm. Also, the movie adaptations are lovely.

This book can be a little gruesome at some parts, but it’s a little masterpiece nonetheless. Max and Moritz by Wilhelm Busch tells the story of two mischievous youngsters who steal, torture animals and play some genuinely evil pranks on everyone around them until they eventually have to feel the consequences. The story is told in many unique images and skillfully written rhymes.

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is one of the big names when it comes to children’s books. It’s over 50 years old by now, and it is still a great book that many kids (and adults) enjoy today. Nowadays, this classic is available as reproduction that uses modern coloring technologies, but also stays true to the original artwork. With its unique storytelling style and fantastic creatures, this book is sure to continue inspiring children for generations to come.

About the Author
Ben Wendtner is an Austrian author and the creator of the online writing platform Belletristica, a place to publish, enjoy and chat about written words of all kinds.

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